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How Do I Buy At Auction?
Options For Registration
On-Site Registration: You will be required to register at the auction site to enable you to 'bid' or buy at auction. You may click on the link above to see what you need to bring with you to the auction to complete your registration.
Tips To Enjoy The Auction
Here are just a few suggestions to help you enjoy your auction experience:

  • Arrive at the auction early to inspect the items you may be interested in.
  • Remember to handle all items carefully and -
  • Never move items that have been arranged to be auctioned.

If you have any questions about any of the items to be sold at auction, contact a member of the auction staff. Before the auction begins, they will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.
Once the auction starts, the auctioneer will start the auction by going over "the terms" of the auction.
Listen carefully. In this 'little speech' the following information is given:

  • The auction staff is identified by name
  • The order of the auction is announced
  • Any changes known to the auctioneers from the auction ad is noted
  • If there is a certain item or items that will be sold at a specific time, the time is announced
  • Other important information announced is the location of the concession stand and restrooms, as well as sales tax information.
  • The bid they are calling for
The Chant
Next, one of the auctioneers will begin the 'chant'.

  • First time auction goers are surprised at the speed of the chant but don't be intimidated by it. If you listen carefully, you will hear three things:
  • The bid they have
  • "Fill" words

If you have any questions about any of the items to be sold at auction, contact a member of the auction staff. Before the auction begins, they will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.

For example you may hear the chanting auctioneer say: "I'm at 5, I've got 5, who'll bid 10?" (All the words in between the numbers are the "fill words") Many times they call the bid they have twice and then call for the next bid. For most people it doesn't take anytime at all to catch on and then they are ready to really enjoy the auction. Wayne is an excellent auctioneer with an easy to understand and easy to follow chant. That makes the auction fun!
At any time, if you don't understand what the bid is, ask the assisting auctioneer. (He's the guy not chanting but calling out the bids when bidders are bidding) They will gladly tell you what the bid is and what you have to bid to try to win the bid for the item. It's best not to talk to the clerk who is writing because they must concentrate on the bid, bidder number and description of the items being sold.
How do you let the auctioneer know you want to bid?
Simply wave your hand, bid card or call out to the auctioneer. When they take your bid they usually point to you so the auctioneer doing the chant recognizes your bid. You are now "in" - which means you hold the highest bid at the moment. You want to make sure that the selling auctioneer recognizes your bid. That is very important because in a tie bid, the selling auctioneer is recognized and the seller he has recognized wins the bid. (If you are not sure if you are in - ask!)
Selling Single or Multiple
When you are bidding, make sure you listen to the way the auctioneer tells you he is selling the item or items.
Sometimes the items are sold "so many times the money". This means that there may be four chairs. The amount that you are bidding is for a single chair but you are actually bidding on all four. The amount written on the sheet will be your winning bid times 4 for the four chairs. Example: You win the bid at $10.00. The entire amount is $40.00 because the auctioneer said the bid was "four times the money".

Sometimes you will hear the auctioneer say "All to go"! That means everything that is in the group is sold for 'one money', or a single bid amount. For example, there is a bedroom set consisting of 3 pieces. The bid amount is for all three pieces. If you bid $100.00, that means you own all three pieces for $100.00.

Other times the auctioneer may offer choice of several items. The winning bidder can take as many items in the 'choice group' as they choose - to be written as "times the money" for each of the items chosen (purchased) in winning the bid. The bidder might only select one item of the group and when that choice has been made, the auctioneer starts the chant again.
What happens if I "win" the bid?
When the auctioneer says "sold" and you are the winning bidder, have your bidder card with your number ready to show the auctioneer. The auctioneer will call out your number and the price you paid in your winning bid. The 'writing clerk' will then record the information on the sheet that will be taken to the clerking trailer where you received your bidding card and number.

You will hear the auctioneer say, "Sold! -- To Bidder Number 1 for $100!"

It takes a few minutes to complete the entire sheet that the clerk records the sales on. Once the sheet is filled, and it is taken to the clerking trailer where the tickets are filed and the records are kept for the auction, you can pay for your item. Give the staff a little time to get the information before you go to the trailer to pay for the item you just purchased.

You don't have to pay for each ticket as you buy things. You may wait until you have purchased everything you want to purchase and then pay for all your items at once. You must pay before leaving the auction.

When you purchase an item, you own it from the moment the auctioneer says "sold". Watch your items - if someone else takes it or breaks it, you are still responsible to make payment for the item. The auction staff is so busy during the auction that there is no way to monitor everyone's purchases. Most people are very honest but one missing 'treasure' is an awful feeling and we want your auction experience to be the best it can be.
Payment Terms of the Auction are Cash.
This means cash or good check.
No credit cards, debit cards or check cards are accepted at the auction.
If at anytime, at any stage of the auction, you have any questions, contact the auction staff. There are first time auction goers at every auction. You are not alone if you have never bid before. The auction staff understands how it is to be new at the auction and they are always glad to help someone learn to enjoy the auction!
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