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About Mr. Bessman
Wayne R. Bessman comes from a family of auctioneers. His grandfather, William Bessman, father, Robert Bessman, & brother, Warren Bessman were well known in Madison and throughout SD and the surrounding states
  • Graduate of Worldwide College of Auctioneering, Mason City, IA
  • 50+ Years Auction Experience
  • Licensed Real Estate Auctioneer
  • Livestock Order Buyer
Why He's a Great Auctioneer!
Wayne's extensive agricultural background and knowledge of equipment is one that is second to none. Knowing the value of the property to be sold is essential to obtain the best prices for the seller. He knows his values.

Auction management requires a well-trained staff, marketing talents, and the ability to work with both the seller and the buyer. Wayne's accounting and business education assures his customers they are in good hands. He monitors the costs to the customers and keeps all the expenses in line.

Marketing is probably the most crucial element in many auctions. Advertisements do not have to cover full page ads (very, very expensive) to bring a good buying crowd. Being a good businessman, Wayne understands how to market his customers items effectively. He has the experience to know where his buyers are located and how to notify them of an auction. Marketing is serious business and Wayne knows it.
Rules For This Honest Auctioneer:
1. Give the bidders honest, reliable information. Our Customers don't want to be overloaded with details and they generally know what they are looking for at the auction. Model/Style Numbers/Markings tell your bidder everything they need to do the research they need to do.

2. Never "Over Market". Over Marketing is a listing of items that doesn't reveal quality and implies quantity. Bidders will drive for miles for an item - only to find it is in need of a great deal of repair or is not repairable at all. (like the tractor that indicated no problems but when you arrive, it's back in the tree belt better qualified as scrap than as a tractor.) A bidder will be unlikely to attend another auction with an auction company who "over markets".

3. Provide all the information in every way possible to assist the seller and the buyer. Bidders can request electronic photos via email. Being on the web and accessible electronically makes answers only a click away.

Wayne not only believes in these rules - He abides by them.
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